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There is a problem with the site at the moment!  We are working on getting it sorted.

Head over to to buy music

If you want to find out more about me then follow me on Twitter and ask me questions - I'm @mode7games


_ensnare_ tracks feature in Starcraft 2 documentary!

If you're a fan of my chiptune side-project _ensnare_ then head over to the _ensnare_ site for some cool news about a Starcraft 2 documentary focusing on the inimitable Team Liquid...


Impeccable Micro - a new album by _ensnare_

That's right, my chiptune alter ego _ensnare_ has been busy producing another album!  This one is a bit more dancey - it's full of chunky melodies and silly noises.  Take a listen over at the _ensnare_ site.

I decided to release this as "pay what you want" with a minimum price of $3 - so far this is working out very well, with people choosing to pay quite significant amounts!  Thanks everyone.


Frozen Synapse Soundtrack Released!

Just a quick note to say that you can pick up my soundtrack to Frozen Synapse, an amazing indie tactical game, over here.

If you want to check out the game itself then go here - I entirely recommend doing so!

Working on a little bit of new stuff at the moment, so stay tuned for that.


No Carrier Rush by _ensnare_

I now have an 8-bit alter ego and a new album!

You can check out both here.


Frozen Synapse Soundtrack Preview


Things have been quiet recently because I've been so busy with Frozen Synapse. You can take a listen to the soundtrack here!

Sorry if you posted a comment and it didn't get through - I need to sort some things out around here.

I should have some more news soon if you're a chiptune / lofi fan - stay tuned for that.


Nice track from Michael Cassette

Really like this one - nice and chunky but with some Ken Ishii-like melodic sounds.